Welcome to the 1%Club

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Your monthly contribution to the 1%Club gives you an invitation to attend exciting social events while at the same time supporting the education and development of underprivileged rural children in the Western Cape, South Africa.
'Joining the 1%Club provides you with opportunities to meet like-minded people and network, while as a result, children living on farms get the education they need in order to one day have purpose-filled futures of their own!

Do you enjoy...

  •  ... meeting new people and making new friends?

  •  ... exciting, laid back activities where you have an opportunity to try new things?

    Have you ever...

  •  ... wanted to make a difference to someone less fortunate than you but  have no idea how to start?

  •  ... just assumed you don't have the time, the resources or the       
     knowledge to make a difference?

  •  ... felt like you want to contribute to a great cause but you're not sure where 
     your money is going or whether it really makes a difference to someone
     elses life?

  •  ... felt thankful for your education, your upbringing, your future and  wondered what life must be like for children who have not had the same opportunities?  

  • If you've thought about these questions, you are the ideal 1%Club member!




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