History behind the 1%Club...

The 1%Club was launched in November 2009 by two working professionals who wanted to make a difference to society by contributing towards a worthy cause and at the same time, meet new people through fun, organised activities. What a better way to meet both needs than by combining the two ideas... and so the 1%Club was born.

What is the 1%Club and Why 1%?

Every few months the 1%Club plans a social event for all its members (for past events see the 'Events' page). The club provides a platform for working professionals to increase their social circle and at the same time, network with like-minded people.  In order to be invited to these events, you have to become a 1%Club member:  1% of your salary is just the recommended amount to contribute each month however, members are free to donate whatever amount they can afford or feel is appropriate. The 1%Club members’ contributions are pooled together and go towards supporting the underprivileged farm and rural children with whom the Anna Foundation works. Through their Reading, Running, Right-ing programme, the Anna Foundation aims to equip the farm children with skills for life-long learning and enable the children to grow and develop into responsible and contributing South African citizens - thus a hand up and not a hand out! 

Benefits of being a 1%Club Member

  • Access to unique events
  • Meet new people and make new business contacts
  • Contribute towards a worthy cause

  • What do you get in Return?

  • A monthly email stating exactly where your money has gone and what all 1%Club member's contributions have been used towards.
  • Each contribution is tax deductible - you will automatically receive a Section 18A donation receipt for each month's contribution
  • A monthly e-newsletter from the Anna Foundation
  • You get to feel good about benefitting others while you have a great time at fun socials: Win-Win!

  • Current 1%Club Members:

  • Due to the Anna Foundation programme being implemented on farms around the Western Cape, the majority of 1%Club members live in Cape Town and Boland region although anyone living in any area is welcome to "join the club".
  • The 1%Club is not a singles club or aimed at couples only. Anyone and everyone is free to join!
  • Our members comprise a wide variety of occupation fields: engineers; finance; commerce; HR; IT; optometrists, legal profession; program directors; 'mature' students, teachers, sales reps... the list goes on.





    1% CLUB BENEFICIARY: Anna Foundation

    The Anna Foundation works with children living on farms in disadvantaged and impoverished rural communities in the Boland, Breede River Valley and West Coast in the Western Cape. The monthly funds from the 1%Club are used in various ways to assist with the day to day running costs at the Anna Foundation, for example: purchasing stationery, maths tutor fees for the high school children in the scholarship programme, paying for transport, holiday programmes etc.

    For more information on the Anna Foundation go to the page entitled Charity of Choice or go to www.annafoundation.com


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