The Anna Foundation is a non-profit organisation working with underprivileged children living on farms and rural areas in the Boland, Langeberg, Overberg, Witzenberg and Swartland regions of the Western Cape, South Africa. Academic, social and environmental support is given on the farms and in the rural communities after school hours where the children are equipped with skills for life long learning through the implementation of the 3 R's programme: Reading, Running, Right-ing.  This programme is based on a philosophy of holistic development and a belief in 'Healthy Body, Healthy Mind'. 


Why Reading?
We appreciate the importance of being a role player in providing an educational service within the farming communities.  We acknowledge the challenges faced by the current education system and aim to provide immediate and direct relief for the children with whom we work.

Why Running?
  •   Awareness and commitment to healthy and active life style
  •   Greater self worth through accomplishments of  sports  achievements
  •   Helps develop an anti-drug attitude and constructive use of leisure time
  •   Improved levels of concentration, control and discipline = impact on school
        learning results
  •   Development of teamwork and group cohesion

  • Why Right-ing? 
    The idea of right living refers to right life style, right choices, right attitude, right behaviour: 'right me'.  Hereby all children raised through the programme will truly be worthy ambassadors for their community and their country.


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