Q: Do I have to give 1% of my salary? 
A: No, 1% of your salary is just the recommended monthly amount to contribute.  You are free to donate whatever   
    amount you feel is appropriate or can afford.  

Q: What do I do if I want to sign up and join the club?
A:  Simply send an email to  You can decide on how much money you would like to
     (and can afford to) contribute each month.  You'll be sent banking details where payment can be made

Q: My girlfriend/wife and I want to pay our monthly contribution together.  Can this be done?
A: Yes, joined payments can be made.  Once you have signed up, simply use both numbers which you were given upon registering as your reference code each month (eg. 1percenters5051)

Q: Will anyone see how much money I give each month?
A:  Upon joining the 1%Club, members are allocated a personal code as a reference to their monthly contributions.
     Your contribution is totally confidential.  A record of your monthly contributions is kept via your personal code, not
     your name.  The only person who will see your the amount you give is the person doing the Anna Foundation
     finances (for donation receipt purposes only).

Q: Is my contribution tax deductable?
A: Yes.  After each month's contribution you will be sent a (section 18A) donation receipt.  This can be used for tax

Q: What happens if I stop contributing for a few months?
A: You are only considered a 1%Club member if you contribute on a monthly basis.  If you are not actively contributing
     then you will not be sent an invitation to events.   If you ever have a problem with your monthly contributions,
     you need never feel afraid to email the 1%Club administrator. 

Q: Does my monthly contribution go towards funding the social events?
A: No, your monthly contribution will not be used to fund events. Most of the events have been sponsored by our
    hosts, but if a fee is necessary it is indicated on the invitation

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